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In a few nations, such as Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, mobile banking is also relatively common. ( Across the seven countries surveyed, roughly two-thirds or more say they own a cell phone.

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This seemed too good to be true, but it worked — only not in the way I'd expected.

Schmidt tries to convince Nick to take part in a foursome with two other women.

Schmidt tutors Jess in the not-so-fine-art of dating via mobile apps.

I searched Facebook and while the person's profile didn't pop up, something even weirder did: a post she'd written years ago, sharing her phone number in a Facebook group created by someone who'd broken their phone.

I searched my own number, too, and had the same odd result: Anyone who's been on Facebook since its early days will remember the "new phone... Before most phones saved their contacts on i Cloud or a similar service, you had to start from scratch when you got a new phone.


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