Dating antique furniture nails

The best examples of pegged furniture is in an early antique coffer.

Old nails were handmade, square and often had beaten heads and were generally uneven in appearance; whilst modern nails (post circa 1880) are mass produced and uniform.

Are the 'Pin' and the'Tail' a different size and shape from each other, if they are identical then the joint may have been manufactured by an automated process.

A scribe line was made by the Cabinet Maker when marking out the dovetail joints, it is not always present by any means but can help to re-inforce an opinion.

was ‘joined ‘or ‘pegged’ construction, using mortise and tenon joints held together by wooden dowels or pegs, or occasionally clout nails.

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Always look for worn components in the right places, take your time to check the piece carefully and look for signs of use on the base of the feet, drawer runners, chair rail stretchers and any area of potential wear. Email: [email protected] normal opening hours are Monday To Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm and Saturday 10.00am - 4.00pm.Its frustrating as a buyer to have not prepared yourself before visiting the seller/item. Let the seller dictate the price, You can negotiate always. I wanted to write a brief guide for those interested in Antique and vintage furniture collecting. Furniture, I believe, is easier to judge than other antiques.This is because each piece over the years has acquired certain signs of age and use which cannot be successfully faked.My personal Opinions are expressed in the brief guide on inspecting and buying Antique Furniture.


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