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This is material that I've long wanted to add, and after much effort have finally made it a reality.

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Also, could this tool be used to view other people's characters (to see the gear, gems and talents)?Here’s where we put our technical articles that aren’t about late-20th Century American military arms.What was meant to be a throw-away post to keep from having that most dreadful of blog calamities, a day of radio silence, wound up pretty good, largely thanks to the insightful comments from The Dyspeptic Gunsmith.In time we will move it (and some wisdom from previous tool posts) into a permanent Page (like this) of its own, but for now here it is.We’ve always been interested in gun (and everything else) manufacturing.So I don't want to receive a bunch of questions and contributions that I am unable to address at this time due to the time constraints imposed upon me by a toddler in the house... ) I really wanted to get this update posted two weeks ago to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of this website, but it was not meant to be. So I look back at my last update and see that I was hoping to get more than six updates per year. So instead, I have decided to add only a little bit at a time. I have a lot of new material to add, but for today it's just a few new items: Why does it seem like I often times update this site while drinking beer? So today I will get the ball rolling with some items I got over the past several months, and am only now getting around to reviewing. I was wondering why nobody was writing to me any more, when I realised that when I switched over to a new desktop PC, I forgot to set up my 172sherman accounts in my email program. Turns out I had a handful of messages waiting for me, and I'll answer you all in the coming days. Now that I have more time to dedicate to this site, hopefully I'll be able to resume regular updates.


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