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" Cation later saluted the responsible couple on Twitter, writing "Sounds like you guys had a good time!Swedish police have launched a website to help a crackdown on Swedes travelling abroad for sex with minors.However a state, territory or district decides to define marriage, a particular couple is either qualified to marry or excluded from marriage. -- they are closely related because they share a close common ancestor.No middle ground exists that is acceptable to the LGBT community; they seek equality with opposite-sex couples. Marriage would result in genetic problems among their children.For example, when first cousins marry, their children have twice the rate of genetic defects than do second cousins.Even though the definition of marriage is left up to the states, etc., the U. Constitution places limits on whom that definition can exclude.gender, eye color, or randomly assigned t-shirt groups), children infer that the groups differ in important ways." Well, certainly. For example, consider the classic study by Carol Cronin Weisfeld and colleagues, who videotaped girls in Chicago playing dodgeball, first girls against girls, then girls and boys together. (AP) - An outdoor professional tennis match in Florida came to a brief halt amid sounds of loud sex.

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(We will consider another similar study, by Carol Cronin Weisfeld, in a moment.) The authors then solemnly state, "Research has demonstrated that, when environments label individuals and segregate along some characteristic (e.g. More troubling, they show no awareness that this conjecture has been tested and found to be false.

We're talking about that section of the article in under the heading, "Negative Impacts of Highlighting Gender." The authors begin this section by acknowledging that "some proponents of SS [single-sex] education claim it is well suited to countering sexism. ." They then conjecture that "gender divisions are made even more salient in SS settings because the contrast between the segregated classroom and the mixed-sex structure of the surrounding world provides evidence to children that sex is a core human characteristic . One of the most compelling of these papers is the study published by Ursula Kessels and Bettina Hannover, in their paper entitled "When being a girl matters less: Accessibility of gender-related self-knowledge in single-sex and coeducational classes and its impact on students' physics-related self-concept of ability." These investigators randomly assigned 401 8th-grade girls from coed schools either to study science in an all-girls classroom or in a coed classroom.

They found that girls in the all-girls classroom were less aware of "being a girl" and less aware of gender stereotypes regarding science, compared to girls who were randomly assigned to the coed classroom.

“We worry about the quality of our classrooms, the quality of education we’re providing our children.

“But the legal system seems bent on protecting the rights of teachers to extraordinary degrees and leaves the students vulnerable.” The controversial “conscience’’ standard has been around since the 1970s, when it was established by the state’s highest court. Board of Education that judges should typically defer to education officials because they are ultimately responsible for their 77,000 employees.


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