Dating a banker anonoymous

-----Dating A Banker Anonymous Are you or someone you love dating a banker?

If so, we are here to support you through these difficult times.

Crowell was recently canned by her employer, the online fashion channel Style Caster, because DABA had become too much of a distraction. "It's a character," says agent Rebecca Gradinger, "but it's a little bit of them as well." Just not as much as everyone thought.

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“I met a 5-10 years older associate from one of the major banks. If his girlfriend didn’t have an equally demanding job in advertising, I can’t imagine she would be too pleased to be sitting at home alone, waiting for a boyfriend to return to the microwaved remains of her culinary efforts. I’m not saying it’s ’s fault that he can’t get home to his girlfriend before the wrong side of 11pm to maintain some kind of relationship normalcy, but I don’t think I’d be too far off in saying his job might have something to do with the fact that his relationship is presently on the rocks (boy, am I in for a bollocking when he reads this).

Borderstanians: I happened upon this Web site–Dating A Banker Anonymous–in the course of some economic research at work.

He is ambitious, well-dressed, over caffeinated, may or may not have a social conscious (but will attend every charity ball regardless), exudes confidence even when touting a trade he’s only 50% sure of, and had serious throw-down in the bedroom BR.

Alternatively, it could have something to do with the sign on my forehead saying ‘back the eff up’ when a guy fitting the for coining this humorous term, ‘banker wanker’, when she added a Goldman Sachs trader under this very name into her phonebook).

If only guys didn't think investment banking was the way to attract pretty women, maybe we'd have avoided this whole financial mess.

Women: it's urgently time to prefer guys working to end poverty and unburden the planet!

Not knowing what else to do, we did what frustrated but articulate girls have done since the beginning of time – we started a blog.

So if your monthly Bergdorf’s allowance has been halved and bottle service has all but disappeared from your life, lighten your heart with laughter and email your stories to [email protected] Warning all stories sent will be infused with our own special brand of DABA Girl humor.


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