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There was some playful words exchanged (hey, a few drinks were involved), and his hands were very touchy and uninhibited.It was honestly cute, and, hey, I don’t mind when a handsome guy wraps his arms around my torso. :-P” This is the message on Ok Cupid that tipped me over the edge last week.David Evans, in his decidedly self-assured and matter-of-fact tone, has a way of cutting through all the marketing language and industry jargon of online dating to offer honest feedback to his clients and readership.

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He decided to further embed himself in the space by creating his Online Dating Insider blog, which became a go-to for industry insights, and he, in turn, became a sought-after expert.

A North Dakota Republican state lawmaker with a history of voting against LGBT rights has been outed as gay by a man who received an unsolicited photo of the legislator's penis on the gay dating app Grindr. Randy Boehning (R-Fargo) claims a capital employee warned him a fellow lawmaker would 'out' him as gay if he continued to vote against proposed legislation granting LGBT people protection against discrimination.

by the state's Republican governor but which failed to pass the legislature for the third time in six years.

However, given the fact that Ok Cupid was (and still is, sadly enough) the “best of the dating apps,” it’s left me to realize that online matchmaking may be all but over for me. Mostly, I feel like I’d end up killing or at least maiming someone I had an affair with only to later find out he was in a relationship.

This is why I refuse to meet a guy on Grindr who’s open about having a boyfriend.


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