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“Back in my day I used to say, ‘Sherry is not what your grandma drank – it’s much more than that’,” says Richard Harvey as he prepares for the annual Sherry Fiesta at Metrovino, his wine store that has occupied the space behind the Cookbook Company on 11th Avenue SW for the past 20 years. For a lot of people, sherry is a revelation – less and less people have the baggage my generation associates with it.” It was trendy in the seventies, and now Sherry is making a comeback, particularly among younger wine drinkers learning about its different styles and wide range of nuances, and the traditional, artisanal systems required to produce it over its 3,000 year history.

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“Sherry is a great cooking beverage, but it’s also a great wine,” Harvey says.

Next week, the events will be spread out over six days of Sherry speed-dating; starting on Monday, Metrovino will pause daily at 5 p.m.

for a glass of Sherry, paired with tapas from restaurant partners including Ox and Angela, Char Cut, Bar C and the new Bar Von Der Fels.

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