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You will be unhappy if they make more money than you do ( Journal of Marriage and Family, 2001).You will be more likely to fall ill ( American Journal of Sociology).Sure, “having it all” sounds nice, but in real life, that’s much easier said than done.In real life, everyone has priorities, and yours are clear — you’re going straight to the top of that career ladder.You may have been surrounded by females in graduate school, but this will not be the case in your career. This is unexpected, and if you're not careful, you'll put the pressure on yourself to catch up with your colleagues (because you're competitive and type-A so this is just what you do). And there's a good chance that a lot of people who you meet socially won't be on the same end of that bell curve as you. If you don't slow down in your career, then don't expect your personal life to change.For example, as of 2013, only 16.5% of partners in law firms were female, according to the National Association of Law Placement. When you cry at work, it makes your male coworkers feel awkward at best and incredibly uncomfortable and judgmental at worst. Remember to be on your own time with this one and don't drive yourself crazy over it (even if it means going solo to work events and describing yourself as a "yogi who likes to cook" in your welcome email because you don't have family to talk about). Men who you meet socially will not necessarily love your success (they may even be intimidated by it). Suddenly, you're either at work with your equally-achieving, married male colleagues or you're out at the bar dancing to 2 Chainz. "What you focus on expands" is one of my favorite sayings because I find it to always be true. Looking back at the shambles that added up to my so-called “dating life” throughout the past three years, the route was nothing short of a natural disaster. Is there some secret about us ambitious gals about which guys are just are not aware?

Just something to think about if you actually want to "settle down" one day (and if you work a ton, any sort of setting down probably sounds great). The masculine energy that you use at work is not great for your dating life. Masculine energy is decisive, logical, direct, competitive, strong, plans and is result-oriented.You’ve worked hard to get to where you are, and you want to keep that momentum going.That doesn’t mean that you You want to make your sacrifice “worth it” so you end up working crazy hard and crazy long hours.Which leads into a vicious cycle, because you’re working way too hard to put in the necessary effort to find a partner. Every time you meet someone that seems like a good match, you keep on warning them that they’re not going to be your first priority and that they should get out while they still can. You won’t even consider being with someone who can’t talk for hours about the issues you focus on at work.It’s just such a big part of your life that you don’t think you’d be compatible with someone who doesn’t share your passion for what you do. This is not the case for Corporate America, nor is it the case for lawyers or other business professionals.


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