Gta san andreas dating missions

This page contains walkthroughs of all of the Countryside missions on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

There are 14 story missions in total before the next section of the map is unlocked.

J.'s direction, so I'd wait till later to have C. There is a 7 second timer for the jealous girlfriend to appear after the date is failed due to a wanted level above 2 stars.

abandoned her, the date isover, and the Stat for her dropped four or five percent. There is a 50% chance that a jealous girlfriend will appear 7 seconds after leaving the destination (dancing, food) or completing the goal (driving, drive-by).

J.brave the attacks brought on by going into the areas that are off-limits andget Katie as a girlfriend 1st. If you get a Rocket Launcher, you don't need the Shotgun so much. Does the two timing appearance gets disabled when the first date with the very first girlfriend in a restricted area fails automatically?

You get several seconds ofbreathing space if you take out the helicopter and everybody who's shooting atyou." I'll add that part of the risk in having C. get a girlfriend in an off limitarea is that the girlfriend can be killed quickly by the storm of bullets sentin C. Maybe - I suppose I should test that idea since it allows opening the Fast-Food places so CJ can fatten up for Barbara and Michelle.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas introduced a number of significant gameplay changes compared to its predecessors.

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You can find Helena at the Ammu-Nation in Blue Berry shoting a gun.You can use the quick links below to jump to something specific if you know what you're looking for.You'll find a number of links at the bottom of the page which will take you to the mission walkthroughs for other areas.It is the seventh title in the Grand Theft Auto franchise and the third GTA game rendered in full polygonal 3D.Players are introduced to new protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson as he departs Liberty City in 1992 and returns to his home state of San Andreas following his mother's murder in a drive-by shooting.After its initial release, San Andreas was widely praised by critics and would go on to become the best-selling PS2 game of all time.


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