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“There are serious dangers brewing, but there is also a lot of romance and humor in this film,” Watson said, “which I enjoyed quite a lot.” During the filming, Watson, who is now 19, had a certain famous pair of eyes looking over her shoulder far more often than in the past. “My makeup lady gave me a car freshener as a gift,” she chirped. She spoke glowingly about life at Hogwarts but said it has been a lot of pressure on her through her teen years. thinks I’m perfect, and that’s good enough for me.” — Geoff Boucher RECENT AND RELATED Rupert Grint explains the pain of love and quidditch Feeling the magic?

Rowling was a rare visitor during the making of the first five “Potter” films — she was simply too busy with writing the series of novels — but with the final book published in summer 2007, the writer dropped by the bucolic Watford set outside London. “It’s all quite cool.” The actress, like the other two members of the “Potter” trio, seems remarkably grounded despite the oddities that come her way, such as the roomful of Bibles that have been sent to her by fans. “I will look back on this part of my life and I know it will be special, but it used to be that if I ever had a bad review or someone said, ‘Oh, she is too this,’ or ‘She’s too that,’ I got upset about it,” Watson said. “Half-Blood” may benefit from Oscars change Arthur Weasley speaks!

And she's still adjusting to doing nonstop interviews in Toronto to promote her long-distance romance, which opens in October."It is quite intimidating.

I think the best thing is to enjoy the ride while it's happening," says Jones on Tuesday during a chat the Fairmont Royal York hotel.

She flew in to Toronto four hours after wrapping her as-yet untitled film, also directed by 's Drake Doremus.

And sure, she's a little knackered, but it's all good."It's not very often when you make something and you love making it and the product is something you can be really proud of.

After all, women are encouraged to be assertive, accomplished and independent; being told that they’re “intimidating” sounds like they’re being told to take all of that back and pretend to be something less than what they are. Are geek guys finding a woman’s accomplishments to be somehow threatening? Because “intimidating” is so subject to personal interpretation, I thought it was best to go to the source: geek guys.

I conducted an informal (and utterly unscientific) poll on the Dr.

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“Not because she is actually intimidating, but because I admire her so much, and we have all been such mad fans of the books and her and everything.” Rowling has said that Watson’s character, the sweet but swotty Hermione Granger, is based in part on her own persona as a child. He has no idea why.” Aside from school plays and the “Potter” franchise, Watson’s only acting credits are her voice role in last year’s “The Tale of Despereaux” and the BBC’s 2007 movie “Ballet Shoes,” which was met with mixed reviews.

I'm really pleased to be talking about this film," she says.

If a woman keeps hearing from men that she’s “intimidating”, what is she supposed to do – besides start approaching men who have more self-confidence and fewer issues?

But the industry, which deemed the meetings "unnecessary" and "inappropriate," successfully derailed those Oct. Lamar Smith is taking EPA officials to task for engaging with IARC on glyphosate concerns, demanding that EPA instead rely on the "sound science" that the industry promotes.

18-21 public meetings by challenging certain scientists appointed by EPA to an advisory panel. Smith, Chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, accuses IARC of playing an "activist role" and EPA officials, of aiding that effort. 25 letter to EPA Administrator Gina Mc Carthy, Smith complained of "constant delays" by EPA in completing the re-registration of glyphosate, and demanded that EPA officials appear before his committee to explain themselves.


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