Tips dating your wife

Related: How to find lifetime love: 10 secrets from couples married for decades There is nothing wrong with vegging out with your man after a long day, but if Monday through Thursday evenings always consist of little more than zoning out to the DVR or doing separate activities side-by-side (he reads sports news while you cruise Pinterest), tweak your lazy, chill time to make it more loving. Or his-and-her backrubs while you watch your favorite show?Or if you can squeeze it into your schedule, after the kids are in bed, put away the tub toys and enjoy a bath together. " or "Hey, did you remember to call the accountant?Today, together with my husband Bret, we wish to share with you some tips on how to Date your Partner.Whether you are married or when still single I think this is the perfect topic to see on what qualities you should look for a perfect mate.So how do we still keep the fire burning for 24 years?

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As Lauren Conrad (who's rarely wrong about things, I'm learning) said in an interview about her engagement to law school student William Tell, “It's important to have that time as a couple to connect, relax and just enjoy each other's company.”Read on for all the reasons why two people should keep dating long after they're considered boyfriend-and-girlfriend, or even husband-and-wife.It was close to spring when my wife and I first started dating.While the world was bursting with new life and growth we were experiencing an exciting new relationship. Below are some ideas that go beyond the usual dinner and a movie. Not all dates have to involve going out, but if you have young children, getting a break from the kids is a stress release in itself. Alternate who gets the sitter and develop a pool of sitters.If you’re the responsible, conscientious type, do something together that’s whacky but legal.After years in a long-term relationship, it's easy to slip into a complacent routine that's a little too comfortable.


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