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There’s a fine line between underselling yourself and blowing your own trumpet when it comes to dating online. Follow these dos and don’ts gleaned from thousands of couples matched by e Harmony and move from online relationship to the real deal.When trying to spark someone’s interest over email, you’ve got to be fun, engaging and good at creating a rapport, while keeping an element of mystery. Do: be proactive Don’t let that classic British reserve hold you back.On the other hand, there’s the uncertainty of how to secure those first few dates − and once you’re on a date, how to make a graceful exit that leaves you both either wanting more or agreeing to part ways without hurt feelings.What follows are five easy exit strategies that’ll ease your end-of-date anxieties.Accept that dating online will involve some chasing.If you find someone who catches your eye, send an icebreaker or a friendly email.” Sharing too few photos though makes it seem like you just don’t care. Do so in a timely fashion (two-three days at the most) and if you mess up and forget to reply, explain why!

In addition to making these initial get-to-know-you outings brief, you should also set specific end times for your activity ahead of time.

If you’re looking to take your online love offline, don’t make these three critical mistakes: 1. Don’t chat or email online for too long; instead take your new romance offline quickly.

The progression of your communication should go something like this: an initial online contact, a phone conversation, an offline date.

That way, both you and your date have similar expectations about how, where, and when the date will end.

Then, when your date comes to a close, politely thank the other person, offer him or her a quick handshake or hug (whatever feels right), and be on your way.


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