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The facilities are listed in alphabetical order within a city.

Today’s active adult communities go beyond the old stereotypes of shuffleboard and knitting (although those activities are often still on the schedule for those who love them).Writers with disabilities may submit up to three selections per issue.Deadlines are February 15 for the Spring/Summer issue, and August 15 for the Fall/winter issue.It is important to spell check and proofread all entries.Previously published material and simultaneous submissions are permitted provided you own the copyright to the work.It's like waving a great big flag, saying: "Paedophiles come here".'This is one of the things about the internet: young people under 13 can pretend to older and join social media and older people can pretend to be younger to go on the sorts of sites where they can interact with young people.' A post on the private Teen Dating group details how a member has been accused of harassing 'underage girls'.


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