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Offices and accommodation are in short supply and the expats are overloading the city with their demands.What they find when they get here is a city officially recognised as the most mind- bogglingly expensive in the world.At this time of year, sea fog from the relentless Benguela Current threads itself grimly each morning between half-built tower blocks dominating the building site that is Luanda, the dusty capital of Angola.Perched on a curve on the coastline of obscure south-west Africa, the city’s main claim on our attention has long been the bloody civil war that racked the country since its independence in 1975 until 2002.For a social movement only ten years old, members of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster must have felt they had already reached their "Messiah Moment" when footage emerged from the deep sea near Angola.Video from a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) at a depth of 1325m off the Angola coast revealed a bizarre looking creature on the ocean seabed.Reis' Portuguese father died before her birth, so she was raised by her Angolan mother and her older siblings.

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A pizza is £16, tomatoes sell for £7.33 per pound and gym membership will set them back a staggering £5,000 a year. Around the corner, lies a tiny boutique with a new consignment of Pepe jeans.Church Lawrence writes that the Portuguese civil war, between absolutists and Liberals that followed the withdrawal of the troops of Napoleon and the Spanish, had repercussions in the efforts of Angola christianisation.Certain is that after several centuries of European presence on the African continent the Catholic religion turned out to establish consistently across several countries and Angola is no exception to this rule.She currently resides in Luanda, Angola although mentioned in her interview with FHM that she has intentions of returning to Portugal to study business administration.She starred in the Angolan soap opera television series "Windeck" an international success and a thrilling story, staged in Luanda, which revealed the actions of those who do not care about the means they have to use to reach their ends.There are several Churches in Benguela, where we highlight the Church of Our Lady of Populo, with its baroque style was classified as a national monument.


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