Telerik radajaxpanel not updating

The problem is that the Ajax request/response is performed correctly as I can see using Fire Bug but the "response Start" and "response End" methods are not called and Fire Bug doesn't show any JS error.

I have tried putting the "List View" (lv Grids) in an Rad Ajax Panel and it works, because I can see the two alerts being: but the other List View (lv Listed) is not even updated (I can see the Ajax response and it doesn't include anything related to "lv Listed". Thank you UPDATE I discovered that the Rad Ajax Loading Panel is not shown when the trigger is "lv Grids" (or any other control inside that) but is shown when the trigger is outside "lv Grids".

Maybe there is a conflict between j Carousel Lite and Telerik's JS?

I have created the property for this hidden field so that I am able to update the value of this hidden field from content page.

In the uc Tooltip Treeview Book usercontrol there is a Link Button that executes the "Action" event, then my build Sub Books method is called and the treeview nodes are updated. :) Now the problem is that the page is not refreshed when I click on the Link Button in the tooltip.

But if I click on another Link Button in the page, the Rad Treeview is well updated (with the build Sub Books modifications).

The Rad Ajax Manager is located inside the aspx page as so: The bolded Ajax Setting is to Ajaxify the user control within the aspx page.

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I am using the "j Carousel Lite" plugin to create a carousel effect and the "packery" JS component to create a sort of grid but they are not the problem.

I have palced the hidden field in another Rad Ajax Panel but still it is not working. Is there is any script added along with update panel so it will update itself whenever there is asynchronous request to server.

I am familiar with update panels but not with Rad Ajax Panel, but it's requirement.

This method is used primarily by control developers.

NET AJAX Framework cancels the ongoing ajax request if you try to initiate another one prior to receiving the response for the first request.


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