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Now I have to re-open and re-navagate back to where I was.

POI Factory's web icon stays behind making you think you're still on the POI site.

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Having this on CD or DOWNLOAD makes updating very easy and we also include FREE UPDATES with each copy - so you can always have the latest info.The devices used 8MB or 16MB cartridges, onto which mapping data was loaded from the user's computer, at a chosen detail level (8MB covered the Atlanta Metropolitan Area at high detail, or a greater area at highway-level detail).The successor model was the Street Pilot III in 2002, which had a 3.85" 305x160 color screen and added voice prompts.If you like these and seek more then have a look at our compilation CD ROM or COLLECTED DOWNLOAD As a business - nobody pays us to give our products away to people.The way it works is like this: the POIs we list here on the site are totally free to use and download.I believe the C340 has it's maps preinstalled on the device.


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