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A variety of apps are also available to turn your smartphone into a dash cam, although reviews are mixed for how well they work.

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Many buy them in the belief that they’ll save on auto insurance, too.It comes with a field scan option that allows you to set the camera to time-lapse mode, in which it will automatically snap a photo (without needing to be triggered) at intervals of your choosing. The test team loved the cam’s case design and controls. If the camera breaks down, Reconyx will fix it (even beyond the warranty) or give you a credit toward a new camera.Overall, this is a well-built, smartly designed camera for deer hunters. They’re built better (made in Wisconsin) than many other cams, and the battery life is second to none.Flash options include incandescent, white led, red glow infrared, low glow infrared and the completely invisible no glow infrared.There are both standard and wireless trail cameras. Small, standalone Wi-Fi security cameras (also called IP cameras) are easy to set up, can stream video to your phone, tablet or PC, and will send you notifications if they detect motion or loud noises.


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