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“It hasn’t happened yet, and it certainly appears that making individuals criminally responsible is going to be the answer.” Culpability in alcohol-related hazing is not always an easy case to prove.

Investigators often encounter walls of silence when trying to penetrate the insular groups whose members have pledged oaths of obligation to one another.

He said that about two hours after he and Hernandez left the club that night, he was driving when Hernandez saw Furtado and de Abreu stopped at a red light.

Bradley said Hernandez leaned across him in the driver's seat and yelled to the men, "Yo, what's up now? Bradley said Hernandez then opened fire, shooting into the car five times and continuing to pull the trigger after the gun was empty."That killer took pleasure in what he did that night.

Weiner and the girl used several anonymous messaging apps, like the one pictured above, where every line of text - and the sender's name - disappear after the message is opened.

In one message he told he would 'bust that tight p***y so hard'The message continues, and Weiner says he would bust that tight p***y so hard and so often that you would leak and limp for a week'.

Gessica Notaro, 27, whose ex denies the attack and is awaiting trial, appeared on Canale 5's Maurizio Costanzo show.BOSTON -- Former NFL star Aaron Hernandez "took pleasure" in gunning down two men in 2012 because he felt disrespected after one of them accidentally spilled his drink at a nightclub, a prosecutor said Thursday during closing arguments at Hernandez's double-murder trial.But Hernandez's lawyer, Jose Baez, told the jury that the real killer is Hernandez's former friend and the prosecution's star witness, Alexander Bradley.Hernandez, a former tight end for the New England Patriots, is charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of Safiro Furtado and Daniel de Abreu, two immigrants from Cape Verde who crossed paths with Hernandez briefly on July 16, 2012.He is also charged with witness intimidation and accused of shooting Bradley in the face seven months later in what prosecutors say was an attempt to silence him as a witness to the earlier shootings."You know who the killer is -- the same perpetrator who unleashed the same type of violence on the only man who could tell his vicious, awful secret -- his former best friend, Alexander Bradley," prosecutor Patrick Haggan said.Five years ago, Bogenberger’s own son David died during a booze-fueled fraternity pledge ritual at Northern Illinois University — an event that later became the focus of what was then the nation's largest hazing prosecution.


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