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Kay, USA Perhaps Microsoft can convince the public that that the only reason for ending their free chat room service was child safety by levying a 1 cent charge for its paid service?

The real and more serious issue is growing need for proper identification on the Internet.

It was also a necessary step to safeguard children as online chat services were being increasingly misused. I truly believe that MSN is doing this for financial reasons.

We are offering you a Diabetes Chat Room, diabetes forums, and a diabetes social network in order to connect with others around the world to talk about diabetes symptoms and diet, whether it be type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes, and to just chat with a community who understands how difficult it is to live life to the fullest with this serious but manageable illness.

However, for a parent of a child with juvenile diabetes, it does not matter which type their child has, only that he or she must learn to eat and live differently in order to save their own life.

As a parent of a child struggling to understand their diabetes and the limitations it inflicts on them, such as being unable to share a piece of birthday cake with their best friend at school, it is only natural that you would feel somewhat overwhelmed.

Microsoft has announced it plans to close all unregulated chatrooms on its global sites. This man was posing as a woman in a chatroom and had over 500 images that were seized and his is awaiting trial. Val, USA It should be the parents' responsibility, not MSN's.

The company said that it was taking this action in a bid to protect users from unsolicited information such as spam. As a chat host and participant I have tried my best to control misuse of my chat rooms as have most of the friends I chat with.


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