Pages not updating firefox

Is there a way to fix it, or is it something related to the programing of Firefox. all updated, and I have noticed that in order for me to see the most recent webpage, I ALWAYS have to click "refresh." Does anyone have this problem? If your Firefox browser does not refresh Web pages automatically, you need to make a quick change to the browser's preferences. Type the following text into Firefox's Address bar and press "Enter": about:config Firefox opens a page containing the "I'll Be Careful, I Promise! Click that button to view the page that contains your Firefox preferences. Type the following text string into the "Search" text box: Accessibility.blockautorefresh When you do that, Firefox displays Accessibility.blockautorefresh in a table that contains a Value column.The value in that column is "true" if Firefox prevents websites from refreshing Web pages automatically.So i use the view source tool to check out the and it isn't updated when i check it either.

If you wish to disable the cache from caching css files, refer to your server type documentation (it's done differently on apache, nginx etc.) or ask/search for a question on This may not have been the OP's problem, but I had the same problem and solved it by flushing then disabling Supercache on my cpanel.

The first three machines I tried this on resulted in three different outcomes, and the software was not removed on any of the machines.

Instead, Adobe has an uninstaller for the Flash player.

I have to wait at least 20 minutes before i see the update, can anyone tell me why i don't see changes right away.

I also tried deleting my cookies, cache, and history and still didn't work.


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