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You've worked hard on your spreadsheet and now you want to make sure anyone you share it with doesn't inadvertently change cells that shouldn't be changed. When you or anyone else tries to edit any of the locked cells, this message will come up: The cells can only be unlocked when the sheet is unprotected (by going to the Review tab again, choosing "Unprotect Sheet," and entering the password, if required).

Thankfully, Microsoft Excel 2016 and earlier versions let you lock cells to protect them from being modified. In the Protect Sheet window, enter a password that's required to unprotect the sheet (optional) and any of the actions you want to allow users. There might be times when you want to lock certain cells from being changed but still allow users to adjust other cells in a worksheet.

But the adjacent columns (column N which becomes column M after the delete) has data I need in the new referenced cell M29 and whenever I delete the old columns the reference changes to another cell.

Free downloads for Excel 2016 (32- and 64-bit), 2013, 2010, 2007; Desktop version of Office 365 The add-ins that you will find on this page are, in fact, an accumulation of our more than 15 years of experience with Microsoft Excel development.

Common methods to consolidate in Excel include consolidating by position, by category, by formula or by using Excel’s Pivot Table feature.

Scroll past the jump to learn how to consolidate in Excel so that your information appears in a master worksheet as a reference whenever you need to generate reports.

Choose a different delimiter for each column you want to merge..

With Consolidate Worksheets Wizard you can easily combine multiple worksheets into one or merge several workbooks and csv files without opening them, create summary reports, copy multiple worksheets to one large table, consolidate worksheets by name and more..

Read more Download With this add-in you can easily merge Microsoft Excel cells values, columns and rows.

In this article, you will learn comparing two lists using Conditional Formatting. We will use Conditional Formatting using COUNTIF function to get the result.

How to consolidate excel cell in order and remove duplicate?


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