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('She basically said to me: "Do you want to come back to my place and f***?") He was once taking up to 15 Ecstasy tablets a night ('I used to be a f****** E-head'), and heroin 'is fine in moderation'. ('I'll never forget packing my bags and walking out of the school feeling like a f****** rock star.') He also admits that he doesn't always practise safe sex, has been watching porn movies since he was 14 and has used phone sex chat lines.

I am Barrister Peter Momour the Personal Attorney to late Mr. As a matter of fact, my client made a fixed dopsit Amount, valued at (USD.7M) with Legend Trust Bank here in Cotonou Benin Rep, and upon the maturity time of their agreement, his bank started contacting him but no response.

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Statedgically positioned in the forthcoming edition of American Playboy - somewhere between a half-naked Miss March and a pouting model in stockings and stilettos - is a 'colourful' interview with British actor Colin Farrell.

Spread over seven revelation-packed pages covering topics such as drugtaking, prostitutes and pornography, the article contains more than 150 expletives. We learn, for example, that he enjoys casual sex and the company of 'hookers'. Someone comes round, you spend an hour, you have a smoke with them afterward.') He lost his virginity as a teenager to a woman of 36.


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