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The notion of a fashion special themed around Paris began to gestate long before the terror attacks of 13 November 2015.Those, however, formed a potent and poignant backdrop to a celebration of France – specifically of Paris – and the fundamental role played by fashion in its cultural identity.Paris fashion has been exciting for seasons: after a dormant period of status quo, there's been a groundswell of talent.

Suddenly Ana feels sick and dizzy, frantically saying she forgot her pills.

Lensed in poetic black-and-white with the German helmer-scribe’s trademark whimsical fantasy and peppered with absurdist cross-cultural gags, “Fukushima, mon amour” offers a refreshingly quirky perspective on a heavy subject, suggesting that sometimes audiences, and perhaps even victims, need a vacation from misery and pity.

Judging by its rapturous response at the Berlinale, the pic should enjoy niche domestic success and small-screen deals across Europe and North America.

Expectedly strong lensing and top-notch performances can’t prevent “Ana” from feeling like a long slog, which doesn’t help its international distribution prospects.

If you’re looking for Romanian cinema touchstones, they’re all here: awkward dinner scenes, lots of discussions about meds, characters skilled at withering humiliation, and, of course, a hospital visit.


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