Hiren boot cd help updating vdefs

This is what I get with AC Adapter connected w/o Battery, and also with AC adapter plus Battery.

Hello,i have a hp pavillion m7630media center that needs the bios flashing, it won't boot into windows because it keeps blue screening, the update says it cures various blue screen issues but the only bios available is a windows version, iv'e extracted the bios files from the exe but not sure how to mount them or put the computor into a flash mode!

I'm sure you have wondered, as many others have the past, how does the HBCDMenu work?

Well its quite simple actually, the program simply creates the "Programs" menu by using a file located in the "/HBCD/Programs" directory.

OK, so you have your nice new Bootable Flash Drive (Created in previous post), but Hiren seems to have left out an important feature in many of the programs located in the HBCDMenu.

That is there is no way to easily update the applications if they become outdated and no longer work as well as they should. This post will explain the workings of the HBCDMenu thus allowing you to update the underlying application or even add your very own applications.

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