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Songs like “The Hottest” and “I Wish” get play on the project, with the latter possibly getting the remix treatment by a hip-hop friend whose career is also navigated by his manager Mark Pitts. Read on as the tattooed entertainer, who plays the drums, piano, guitar and bass reveals how he snagged a studio session with Stevie Wonder, his connection with Mario, the similar struggle he shares with J. What’s a song off your new mixtape that you’re excited about? You created a song with Raphael Saadiq called “Never Give You Up,” off his 2008 album, Describe how that came about. He has a soulful sound, but he has a hip-hop element to his music. walked to my room and said, “This is it, we got it. [Raphael’s] like, “I need you to come and do some parts for me.” [Stevie’s] like, “I’ll be over there in about 15 to 20 minutes.” Fifteen to 20 minutes turned into four, five hours.

Cougar Scale: 8 – She's currently dating 27-year-old Sean Friday.

After all, he’s logged studio time with both, producing material for their efforts.

Before listeners get a chance to peruse through a physical copy of his LP, they can get their hands on his latest mixtape Who Is CJ Hilton. I like to have fun, go to the clubs, mess around with girls, ride my cars, all that s—. He’s a great bass player, and he taught me a lot about production. I kept saying, “I wanna do a song, you gotta just let me get one.” He said, “Go make something, and if I like it, we’ll do it.” I did two tracks first. He was in the hallway and I played “Never Give You Up.” He came out of the A Room [in the studio]…

Ron solicits dates from older women on various Internet dating websites, in hopes that the pay will help support the cost of his university tuition.

Amazingly, Catherine does not object to this morally questionable method of earning and actually supports him.


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