Browning citori serial number dating

Such as G38000, meaning standard (might be light) 12ga and then the #.

Things got a little more streamline in '58 when they went to the #letter# system.

I think this gun would be an excellent and unique addition to anybody's Model 12 or Winchester collection.

,995 Reduced to 95.00 ( NOW 2199.00 ) Price: ,995 Reduced to 99.00 Winchester Model 12 - 12 Gauge - Pump Shotgun - 2 Barrel Set Description: Winchester Model 12, 12 Gauge Pump Shotgun, 2 Barrel Set.

I'll break it down for you Aaron: 6V - 6 meaning 1966, the year your gun was made.

Browning serial #s (on A5s amoung others) are confusing and were oft changed due to several global and corporate influences.

Hi guys I've been reading the serial number chart on Browning's website, but am more confused now than ever. Thank in advance, Aaron Aaron H Your looks to be a 1958-67 model (85) as first two digets of the serial. "V" is the product ID code, in your case, 12ga Mag The number following it is the actual serial number of the gun.

What I found underneath the reicever is "6V" and below that is a 6 digit number begining with 85. 12 ga magnum vent rib with the round ball grip on the stock. As far as the ball grip -it was quite common on the European version where as the American version didn't have it! The ball or round knob grip is just the style of the day.

From 1962 serial numbers were followed by the date of manufacture. He took that reciever to the custom shop and asked them to make him the Model 12 that he wanted.Which was one he could shoot Skeet and Trap with and had the solid ribs he preferred. You have the billet reciever from the 1940's and barrels with Y serial numbers and solid ribs(Y Series guns only had vent ribs) that match the reciever.Y series guns started in 1972 with the serial number Y200100.The gentleman we got this gun from told us his father worked at Winchester and found a box with the 1948 reciever in it, sometime in the early 70's. I posted last night on the Clay Forum asking about finding the make and model of my Belgian O/U I purchased from a gun store in Texas. I had been shopping for at least a year and stubbled on this gun.


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