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The father of two female college students told me he is "worried every day" about their safety on campus; they'll find Mace in their Christmas stockings this year.

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Gloria Allred, the attorney representing several women who filed the 2013 complaint, commended the students Thursday for coming forward.The majority of sexual assaults on college campuses involve unwanted contact.Typically, the victims — who may be intoxicated, under the influence of a "date-rape drug," or both — are made to have sex against their a city in Sonoma County, California, United States, approximately 52 mi (80 km) north of San Francisco.The population was 7,379 at the 2010 census, but its businesses also serve surrounding rural portions of Sonoma County, a region known as West County, which has a population of up to 50,000 residents.Sexual assault is a massive problem on college campuses, one that is increasingly drawing the scrutiny of the media and lawmakers, in part thanks to the tireless efforts of a new generation of campus activists determined to finally bring the issue to light.


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