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An inside source snitched to the magazine, “Tallulah fell in with a group of lesbians and she is loving it.

It’s an eclectic bunch, but they are genuine and cool and totally accepting of Tallulah.

Bruce Willis’ plan to build a private airport isn’t flying with some residents of Idaho.

In the suit, Simmons alleges that he has been blackmailed for several years by Mauro Oliveira, a former assistant and friend.According to a new report, the reason Tallulah hasn’t confirmed or denied her sexuality is because she isn’t even sure if she liked girls or boys – and apparently she is bi-curious.The April 13th edition of Star Magazine reveals that after Tallulah’s recent rehab stint she met a group of lesbians, and they have taken her in under their wings and are helping Demi’s daughter discover herself and her sexuality.On September 21, Camas County Planning and Zoning Administrator Dwight Butlin put a stop-work order on the project, noting that “airports are not listed in the zoning ordinance as an approved use in the Agriculture District.” However, according to the lawsuit, work continued on the airport, despite the order. 21, 2016, the owners continued to grade the runway and install culverts underneath it for drainage,” the suit claims.“The County approved of this work stating that while airports are not a permitted use, the County has no power to stop a landowner from grading its land and installing culverts.” The suit, filed by attorney Ben Worst, contends that the county didn’t account for how the airport would affect local emergency responders, who would have to be adequately prepared to respond to plane crashes if the airport goes through.Still topless, Demi's daughter mimics masturbation while smoldering thoughtfully for the camera. The 53-year-old has definitely been sippin' from the fountain of youth as she blended right in with her daughters Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah at a launch event for Zac Posen's collaboration with M. How crazy would it be if these two dynasties joined and created a mega-dynasty??? Anyway, the Lee boys looked like they'd be more comfortable living in the '50s with their rockabilly-inspired get-ups, while the Willis girls were more glam-rock in their gold, leopard-print, and mesh. Personally we think they have more in common than they realize. [ Looks like Kourtney Kardashian isn't the only star to strip down for famed photog Brian Bowen Smith!


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