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It was also updated to correct the launch month of Space X's Falcon 9 failure to June 2015. EDT update pinned down the time of the pad explosion as announced by officials with the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

Tariq joined Purch's team in 2001 as a staff writer, and later editor, covering human spaceflight, exploration and space science. Before joining, Tariq was a staff reporter for The Los Angeles Times.

Our lifelong learning opportunities provide exciting opportunities to learn while building meaningful relationships with Jewish culture, tradition and the community.

"Per standard procedure, the pad was clear, and there were no injuries." [Space X's Falcon 9 Rocket Explained] UPDATE: USLaunch Report has released video of the explosion on its You Tube page: The Amos-6 communications satellite reportedly cost 5 million and was built for Spacecom by Israel Aerospace Industries to serve as a replacement for Spacecom's Amos-2 satellite, which is expected end its mission this year. We olim ARE raising our children in a different culture than the one in which we were raised.The challenge is to provide opportunities for your parents to develop common experiences and language with your children. Here are some ideas: Ask your kids questions that pertain to their everyday lives, to their likes and dislikes: Write them all up – either per child, or per question – add some cute pictures, and send it off to the grandparents.Weekend highlights include our periodic discussion sessions after the Saturday Kiddush luncheon and the bi-monthly group discussion of the Torah portion of the week, Torah Plus! Topics rotate throughout the seasons and have included Midrash, Jewish Music, Israeli Poetry and Culture, Maimonides, Jewish Meditation and more.Maybe you are interested in meeting friends at Starbucks to discover the wisdom of Jewish parenting or the why and how to make Jewish life meaningful to the whole family - just let us know!Classes and discussion groups are typically scheduled for Sunday afternoons, Wednesday mornings, or Friday evenings. Stretch your intellect on Wednesday mornings with our Rabbi and Cantor.


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