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Points are credited on the following basis: The Secretary of the military department concerned (Secretary of Homeland Security for the Coast Guard) notifies, in writing, members of the Reserve Forces who have completed the eligibility requirements for retirement and receipt of retired pay at age 60.Notice is sent to the member within one year of reaching eligibility.By law, members may receive credit for up to 60 inactive points for retirement years that ended before September 23, 1996, up to 75 inactive points for retirement years ending on or after September 23, 1996 and before October 30, 2000, and up to 90 points in the retirement year that includes October 30, 2000 and in any subsequent year of service.

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Jahvar Billings and Anthony Clark, 385th Transportation Detachment, Fort Bragg, N.

For every 90 consecutive days spent mobilized, members of the Guard and reserve will see their start date for annuities reduced by three months.


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