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He said students are tired all day, "but as soon as 10 o'clock hits, that's when we…do all our work".

is one of my, and I bet your, favorite movies of all time. His goal, to find the lost treasure of the pirate One Eyed Willy.

Help your children choose a movie to watch and discuss the content and subject matter together.

KICKSTART A CONVERSATION AFTER THE CREDITS ROLL Reinforce the positive values of a movie by sitting down with your children after the show and discussing what they saw.

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Head teacher Guy Holloway said the altered hours should help students get higher grades.

He said research on neuroscience shows student productivity increases if they can sleep longer in the mornings.

We review more than 60,000 pieces of marketing each year, including theatrical, home video and online trailers, print ads, radio and TV spots, press kits, billboards, bus shelters, posters and other promotional materials.

Watch our new PSA, showing soon in theaters across America to get the message: Our recently announced campaign further enhances our educational tools for parents, with an updated rating block and trailer tag.

A high school in England has initiated a new policy to allow students to sleep longer in the mornings.

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