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The OMYFL AGM will take place on Thursday 22 June 2017 at Exeter Hall, Kidlington.Further details, including relevant paperwork, will be sent to clubs nearer the time.A race row has erupted at Oxford after college officials sent out an alert about a black intruder – who turned out to be a visiting former university student.Oluwafemi Nylander, 22, accused the university of institutional racism after his photograph was sent out to hundreds of undergraduates in a security alert.The reflection in the water is the only thing that lets it down, as it seems a little small.” She said photographer had fast become a passion of hers since she picked up her first digital camera in 2000 before taking up a photography course at a college three years ago.She added: “Since then I spend all my spare time taking photos in various areas." Do you have a photograph you’ve taken to share with our readers?

But Mr Nylander, who graduated last year with a Politics, Philosophy and Economics degree, said he felt the staff were only suspicious of him because of his skin colour.Her brother, Anglican priest Liam Beadle, said: “As you can imagine we are desperately worried about my dear sister Esther Beadle.Please pray for her safety and that she will get in touch.” Guardian journalist Sali Hughes, and BBC reporter Giles Dilnot are among those who have shared pleas for her to get in touch.He said he had been on the grounds of Harris Manchester College picking up a key from a friend's office when he was captured by security cameras.A CCTV image was then circulated to all students and staff at the college, who were warned to be ‘vigilant’ about an ‘unauthorised person’ as his ‘intentions’ were unclear.He told the Daily Mail: ‘Had this been another student of a different colour there would definitely have been a different reaction.‘Oxford as an institution is shambolic.


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