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Teams will be selling everything from whole smoked hog to the competition meats, chicken,ribs and beef brisket.Enjoy specialty items such as pig candy, BBQ nachos, pig tacos, BBQ sliders and competition chili on Sunday.Pretty Lights killed it and played till the last seconds of the event!

Mod Sun: I listen to a lot of music so I make sure collab wise I don’t necessarily stick to the lines of someone who sounds like me, you know what I’m saying?It only takes two capsules a day to help me feel good.I have noticed a lessening of hot flashes and night sweats, and I am now able to sleep through the night. I am now much easier to live with, as my husband will testify. We were led to a back room under the stairs and Mod Sun politely asked us if we minded if he “lit up.” Saying of course not, he gave us his toothy smile while wearing white and red sunglasses.Chatting about all things music and politics, his positivity ran rampant throughout all his responses.Denver’s local Dub Step talent presented heavy tracks on the Sub.mission stage culminating with Coult-45.


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