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I’ve been there, my friends have been there, and it’s so frustrating and makes zero sense.

I mean, you’re with this guy, you’re spending a lot of time together, you are in a relationship in every single way except for the fact that you’re not technically in a relationship.

Certainly for guys 30 who can appreciate a complex fragrance like this. Based on general comparison ranks among other fragrances. Baseadas em ranques gerais de comparação entre outras fragrâncias.

08.4/10.0 - Scent(Top)/Aroma(Topo) 08.5/10.0 - Scent(Mid)/Aroma(Meio) 08.7/10.0 - Scent(Base)/Aroma(Base) 09.6/10.0 - Uniqueness/Singularidade 09.7/10.0 - Longevity/Longevidade 09.0/10.0 - Sillage/Rastro 07.5/10.0 - Versatility/Versatilidade 08.6/10.0 - Presentation/Apresentação -------------------------------------------------------------------- 08.6/10.0 - Total Personal notes!

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L'Instant de Guerlain Pour Homme Eau Extreme is launched in 2005 as the more intense, richer, smokier and deeper version of the original fragrance. Shame Guerlain has confusingly renamed this as Eau de Parfum rather than Extreme. This fragrance is now sold in the same bottle as Vetiver and the 'Extreme' label has been dropped in favour for 'Eau de Parfum' (here in Europe at least anyway). I have tested the juice from this new bottle a couple of times now, and although the performance is still very good, it doesn't live up to it's beast mode reputation.

That way is never through command or restraint or discipline.this is a citrus,powderish somewhat woody patchouli scent.....not a bad scent.i wear a suit everyday and i can pull this off but it just doesn't live up to the hype everyone moans about in my opinion. But what i have been doing to make this one better is layering it with Carven Homme........child that comes from lidge and carven is MUCH BETTER.......Eventually, I softened and started to warm up to the possibility of being in a relationship. He was really cute, really sweet, had a good job, and seemed pretty much perfect for me.I liked him a lot at first, well a lot in relation to how much I was capable of liking anyone at that point which wasn’t really that much.AND FOR THE PRICE I THINK CARVEN HOMME IS A BETTER SCENT THAN LIDGE.....


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